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The Max Verstappen’s superiority can break down the formula one’s popularity?

Photo by Carlos Santiago for Pexels

This is the biggest question at the heart of the current sport’s actuality. 

Above all, who’s Max Emilian Verstappen? 

Super Max is a Dutch racing driver. He started karting at 14 and since then, he has continued to improve in this sport. Dogs do not make cats; he holds his passion from his father, Joe Verstappen, a famous Formula 1 driver, and his mother, a former karting driver. 

Excelling in his field since he was a child, he made history when he was just 18 by being the youngest driver to score points in a Grand Prix. He quickly rose to the top of the ladder by joining the Red Bull Racing Team in 2016, where he has been racking up victories ever since. For the past three years, he has shared the podium with Lewis Hamilton, his great rival, from which he will stand out from the start of the 2023 season.

When Formula one became very popular?

High-level Formula One has always been popular and watched. But 2019 is where it all explodes. International streaming platform Netflix has launched a new series of sports documentaries on Formula 1. For a year, each driver, team, or trainer is followed in order to produce “Drive to survive” between the two seasons.  The series drew huge audiences as soon as it came out. The series has made drivers more “accessible”, thanks to the interviews filmed during the series.

“I know who my favorite driver is”, “I never thought I’d be interested in F1 before Drive to Survive”, “It’s so much more fun to follow the drivers from afar on the social networks” – these are the words of some internet users on the X social network. 

The series has made it possible to reach a younger, more female and not just European audience, which is very beneficial for the sport’s ratings. 

But how is this rise in popularity over the last 4 years gradually falling?

The rules are very special, so for those of you who are curious ⬇️ :

A boring first place for the public?

Photo by Carlos Santiago from Pexels

After years of domination by British driver Lewis Hamilton with the Mercedes team, RedBull is back in the race and has been offering the public a very close podium quest for the last two years. However, the 2023 Formula 1 season has not been as entertaining as previous seasons. Max Verstappen dominated the grid for most of the season. In 17 grands prix, the Dutch driver won 14, with 10 consecutive victories. According to a Buzz Radar (Company specialized in data collection)survey, there has been a sharp drop in interest in the sport since the start of the season.)

The survey also shows a drop in new subscribers and interest on social networks compared to 2022. Some fans say they are “bored” of watching Formula 1, even though the heart of the field is more competitive than ever. The season isn’t over yet, there’s no more suspense, Verstappen is world champion. But he is still important for the heart of the grid, with 5 grands prix to go before the end of the season, which will enable the rest of the drivers and teams to be ranked.

To see the ranking of 2023 Formula 1 drivers :

And you, do you think that the formula one is becoming boring?

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