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The magic of working out at home

The spread of Coronavirus, or Covid-19, has led millions of people to change their daily routine due to mandatory lockdowns, to prevent the pandemic from continuing to plague the world population. For reasons of greater strength, people found themselves deprived of frequenting the most common places, such as shops, malls, stadiums, museums, parks, or gyms, which closed their doors due to the crowding of people they can cause, which would contribute to the spread of the virus.

Working out was one of the activities that became a reality within four walls, and people are inventing the most varied ways, with the most different objects, to keep the body active and healthy. Physical exercise, at the same time, reduces the level of stress and anxiety, values that can reach high numbers with the conditions of confinement that we currently experience.

People are finding new ways to reproduce their daily activities in alternative ways, especially people who want to maintain their bodies active. In relation to physical exercise, this new reality can be considered as a motivation to look for new ways to train, or to give new stimuli to the body. To keep the muscles working with less weight, it automatically increases the number of reps and also decreases the rest time. In this way, the body knows new stimuli and can even boost the number of physical gains.

The video at the bottom shows you Ricardo Santos and Joana Perdigoto, a Portuguese couple used to train six days a week, who spared no effort in finding a way to keep physical exercise within their daily routine.

As you can see by their Instagram accounts, both used workout every day, but this pandemic situation completely changed their routines.

And you, what are you doing to keep your head healthy?

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