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The love of books

Photo by Min An from Pexels

video credit: olabisi adeyemi-olayinka

I have always loved this quote that I came across few months back by Cicero. Cicero once said that “a room without a book is like a body without a soul”. A bookstore is a place where people go to either buy books or rent books. This video consists of both current affairs and human-interest story.  This video is about a bookstore which recently opened, it has been closed for a long while due to the level five lockdown restriction.

However, Books are loved because we are taken back to certain cultural moments or a place of our imaginations. Books have become a form of companion to enjoy or take up time because of the pandemic. Statistics has shown that a large number of books have been sold in the year 2020, it is often claimed that books have more life span than people.

Most people love to read either for pleasure or for academic purpose or maybe for curiosity on how it feels to be in a bookstore. The best smell for most book lovers is the smell of either an old book or a new book, it makes them feel like the travelled to another universe. Books helps improves writing skills, helps build or form your own unique perspective of the world around you, builds self-confidence, helps to enhance one’s vocabulary, relieves stress.

In this video, we have Pelumi telling us what books describe him best and much more. Kindly click the link to watch the video to know more.

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