The League on Netflix: A surprisingly engaging show

The League
The League - Photo Credit: mikefelloff
The League
The League – Photo Credit: mikefelloff

When I first saw that Season 6 of The League was available on Netflix, I almost instantly dismissed it as a viable option. In my search for a new TV show, I was looking for something more serious and dramatic in the mould of Sons of Anarchy or Game of Thrones. However, something stuck in my the back of my mind about the show being based around a group of friends obsessed with fantasy football.

While football here is the American version, I can testify to the fact that a severe lack of knowledge regarding the sport is not a prerequisite to enjoy this show. The main thing that struck me, even during watching the pilot episode of this series, is how relatable the characters are. There is an almost Friends-like feel to how you can see yourself as one member of the cast while tagging your own friends as different members of the group. One caveat is that there is a heavy male bias to the show with the main cast consisting of five men and one woman.

Crude, rude and exceedingly funny, The League and it’s charming cast are an under-the-radar Netflix option. Full of hilarious put-downs and one-liners, the show isn’t earth-shattering but rather does what it sets out to do in a fashion that will have you guffawing in front of your screen. It also becomes clear early on that the fantasy football league is only a backdrop to the main facet of the show – the humorous, interesting and sometimes disgusting relationships between the  believable cast of characters.

Of course, any Breaking Bad fan worth their crystal will know that Better Call Saul has just began streaming on Netflix. However, in a method rarely used by the site only one episode per week of the spin-off will be released. Looking to fill that week-long gap with something quick and amusing? Look no further than The League. The first season consists of a minimal six episodes and will make or break your appetite for the show in a rapid manner.


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