The Killers 02 Concert Review

The Killers. Quite simply one of the best shows Dublin’s 02 has ever seen. The anticipation and hype leading up to the four pieces’ single Irish show of their Battleborn tour very quickly became worth while as they came out onto the stage with 14,000 fans screaming. The band had a perfect view of the delight on the faces of their fans as the main lights were left on as they started into the first song of the night,  Mr.Brightside. Whether or not it was intentional, it certainly added to the song (if it could be possible to add to that song).

The passion was clear to see from Brandon Flowers and co as they blasted out songs such as Human, Smile Like You Mean It and Reasons Unknown. The crowd barely had time to catch a breath. Flowers’ vocals were without doubt the strongest this small country has heard as he ranged through powerful songs like Runaways and Miss Atomic Bomb to their more delicate rendition of With Or Without You which lead into Read My Mind. 

There was one slump in the night and it was not caused by the band, as Flowers noticed two of the attendees fighting and abruptly stopped the intro of Runaways. Flowers jokingly threatened the two fighting, “If you want to fight, you must come up on stage and fight our drummer Ronnie”. Based on his drumming he’s not a man to be messed with. They proceeded with the show in a very professional and a nearly apologetic way, in which they gave their all to make up for the peace keeping mission.

The Killers2

The crowd interaction was a pure masterclass by Brandon Flowers with simple lines like “It’s nice to be home in Dublin” and quoting the city’s motto “The obedience of the citizens produces a happy city.” while also counteracting that with their hometown’s motto, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. He also had the crowd singing every lyric and even had them singing instrumental elements of songs.   

They finished the main section of the show with the anthem All These Thing I’ve Done. The sweaty, emotionally drained men and women of Ireland found it in themselves to go along with The Killers on this one and gave everything possible. The choir of voices cried out the lyrics “I got soul but I’m not a solider” literally as if their lives depended on it.

The encore or onslaught as it should have been known as in this case, consisted of three of the most heart bounding, heart breaking songs written in Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine, When You Were Young and title track Battleborn. Confetti, Fireballs and the most indoor fireworks ever witnessed accompanied these songs which added perfectly to the spectacle which at this stage was flawless and wasn’t turning back.

They showed in two hand clapping, fist pumping hours how they are (even after their recent break) one of, if not the best live act in the world at this moment. Here’s hoping they come back to the wee country soon to capture our souls once more.

Photos from The Killers  

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