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The key to finding happiness

Photo by Edu Carvalho from Pexels

We have all, at one point in our lives, felt the sudden rush of endorphins in our body; the sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and feeling good clouds our minds and make us see a more beautiful version of reality. Isn’t it?

Being able to relax with fewer worries or a state of fulfilment at a particular time. Happiness means a lot to us as we define it according to our present circumstance. Our reason for happiness varies according to individual experience, of course sometimes is difficult to get this, and that’s why the use of virtual counseling can be really helpful for this.

Happiness comprises of two parts; 

The balance of emotions: The regulation between or positive and negative mood. Happiness tends to fall majorly on our positive thinking mindset.

Life satisfaction; This relates to our opinions of life in general.

I recently conducted a documentary on “WHAT MAKES PEOPLE HAPPY” featuring random people sharing their thoughts on what makes them happy. 

After I finished the documentary, I realized that happiness starts from the little things. People don’t need an extravagant lifestyle to achieve happiness; all they desire are those little cherished heartfelt connections with their environment within and without.

Happy people still feel the whole range of human emotions—anger, frustration, but that doesn’t take away their reason for being happy. It isn’t easy to change one’s mindset to becoming positive; this takes a gradual process of time.

photo by Photo by Asya Cusima from Pexels
Photo by Asya Cusima from Pexels

What are the steps to be taken in the journey for happiness?

It would help if you learned to live in the moment. Allowing anxiety and pressure to cloud your thoughts won’t do much good. Honestly, there are a thousand reasons to ramble about negative things, but once you choose to see the brighter picture, the positive side becomes clearer.

You must learn to take courage in your strength and focus on becoming non-resiliently, happy as you can be, stop getting stressed out over petty irrelevant matters. Focus on the things that you can control. Take deep breaths and a step forward; it would help reduce mental stress and breakdown. If you’re feeling moody, take a walk outside your comfort zone. Nothing is worth you stressing relentlessly over.

The major key to finding happiness is loving yourself. You need to get to a point in your life where you unapologetically, unconditionally give yourself a free ticket to self-love. You can’t always be perfect so learn to appreciate the small wins in your life. Once you take that bold step, I, without a doubt, believe you would experience a sense of change and positive thinking.

You should check out this video on the journey to happiness by TEDx.

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