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A Culture shock for foreigners. 


students enjoying a relaxing moment at Griffith college campus in Dublin. (Photo by sarah Ntabadde)

With a welcoming culture and assured quality education, Ireland has become a preferred destination for many international students.  

As a predominantly English-speaking country and Dublin the capital city being UNESCO’s city of Literature, Statics show that 99 percent of people in Ireland use and speak English, the 1 percent you are most likely not encounter. 

However, the Irish accent is so different from what you are probably used to and pronunciations might take you minutes to interpret. 

 You probably don’t want to save someone’s name or send them an email with the spelling that you think it is. First get the spelling right, because Siobhan is actually not Chivonne, I almost made that mistake. 

Cynthia Chepkoech a Kenyan student at Griffith college describes living with her Irish landlord John as a stage drama. 

“80 percent of the time I don’t understand what he is saying, sometimes when we try to have a conversation it takes me a whole minute to fathom one sentence, the accent is a bit heavy for me and he speaks so fast” 

She narrates a story of how one night her landlord wanted to order dinner and asked if she was ok with the Rice and chicken curry order. John’s pronunciation of curry came off as “Korri” 

“The pronunciation of curry that came off as “Korri”, got me thinking it must be some exotic Irish dish, I was not about to experiment with food because I have a sensitive stomach.20minutes later the delivery guy comes and it is rice and chicken curry, I eat chicken curry all the time in Kenya from my Indian neighbor’s restaurant but John’s pronunciation of curry made me think he was talking about something totally different, we both had a good laugh about it and enjoyed the curry.” she notes. 

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