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The internet reacts to Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s breakup

They ask, ‘Do you have a man?’ I could still say, ‘I don’t remember“.

Celebrities’ love stories are a big part of the entertainment content today. The public feels part of these people’s lives as if they were someone close, a friend or relative. This creates a whole new level of interest in artists’ relationship stories, and their fans act as if they have any voice at the start/end of it.

After six years together, the successful singer Taylor Swift, 33, split up with British actor Joe Alwyn, 32, according to Entertainment Tonight, which was the first outlet to announce the breakup, followed by People. ET’s source says the couple broke up weeks ago, in an “amicable” and “not dramatic” way. The “proof” of the breakup is Joe’s absence on Taylor’s Eras Tour, which at first was seen as normal behaviour, once the couple kept their relationship private since its beginning.

Taylor and Joe have been together since 2017, but it is believed they were introduced at the Met Gala in 2016 when she was still in a relationship with Calvin Harris. They do not speak much about the relationship, but insights into it can be found in the many songs she composed about him. The lyrics of “Gorgeous“, from her 2017’s Reputation album, could be about their first interaction at the Met Gala, for example.

The couple had to deal with tabloids and rumours since the beginning of the relationship, and they were reportedly engaged, broken up and pregnant many times. Because of that, some fans are doubting the veracity of the information.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Joe co-wrote some of the songs for the sister albums Folklore and Evermore under the pseudonym William Bowery, and he also helped her with Taylor’s latest album Midnights.

With so many romantic songs Taylor composed about and with Joe, the fans just refuse to let it go. In one of the songs from Midnights, she talks about a relationship that feels like home, a place of comfort and easiness. The Song Sweet Nothings has a hidden gem for Irish audiences: She gives a hint of memories from the time she spent in Ireland with Joe when he was filming Conversation with Friends in 2021.

“A pebble that we picked up last July
Down deep inside your pocket
We almost forgot it
Does it ever miss Wicklow sometimes?”

Taylor is known for leaving easter eggs in her art and is one of her fans’ favourite parts of her creativity. Trying to find these easter eggs is a big element of her fandom. They can be props in her videoclips, scenarios, little details in the background of a picture or even “secrets” in her lyrics. Knowing that the internet is revisiting her music trying to find signs of the breakup.


#greenscreen to my friends- i am so sorry im about to clog your feeds with this but the swifties needed to be fed #taylorswiftjoealwynbreakup #taylorandjoebreakup #midnightstaylorswift #swifttok #lyricanalysis

♬ original sound – Ky

Relisten to Glitch with some post-Taylor and Joe breakup goggles and you realize there’s a lot more there #taylorswift #joealwyn #midnights #taylorandjoebreakup #songanalysis

♬ original sound – Ross

After the alleged breakup Taylor Swift’s fans are divided into three groups: Those who believe the breakup is real and are mourning, those who do not accept the news, and those who are creating theories around what they believe is a lie.

Taylor’s fans are known for their crazy theories, which sometimes end up true, but in general, the stories created trying to find and interpret easter eggs sound like fiction and almost like conspiracy theories.

People on Twitter are still trying to recover from Paul Mescal and Phoebe Bridgers’s breakup last December. This couple openly talked about the end of their relationship which was difficult. Clearly, the internet cares a lot about celebrities’ love stories, which is probably the reason tabloids pray these relationships when one of the artists is under the spotlight (Paul Mescal as an Oscar Nominee, and Taylor Swift with her Eras Tour).

There is no way to actually confirm if Taylor and Joe’s breakup is real or not, at least until one of them says something. They have been keeping their relationship out of the public’s eyes since the beginning, which makes an official announcement about the reality of the breakup improbable.

For now, the internet can only speculate and wait to see what will the next rumour be.

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