The Innocence of a Child: the good ol’ days

Innocence of child: Alyssa L. Miller
Innocence of child: Alyssa L. Miller

Ever sat and remembered how good life was when you were a child? No stress, no assignments, no money worries – those were the days! Although they feel as if they were a lifetime ago, those days did exist and they deserve to be remembered! The only panic that ever came over you was when you couldn’t find a hiding spot for hide-and-seek!

Children say the funniest things, and although each individual child’s family gets a good laugh out of them, if these were shared more often then we all could get a laugh couldn’t we? Sometimes we all need to be reminded that life is short and we should be able to laugh and have a good time, just like kids do!

We asked a nine-year-old James what he thought about some controversial issues such as the Holocaust and religion, and then some light-hearted questions such as his favourite television programme and what he thought about girls. His answers are brilliant and so innocent.
                   Video credit: Pippa Doyle, Aishling Ennis, Elaine Fitzpatrick, Isobel Jones and Alana Kelly Cahill.

So there you have it folks, this video is just a simple reminder to not take life so seriously and hopefully this took you out of your head for 2 minutes and 53 seconds at least, and gave you a LOL!

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