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The Influencer Impact

As social media grows, so do the people behind it. Now, I am not talking about the likes of Mark Zuckerberg who created Facebook but more this new industry of so-called online influencers. Nothing wrong with it of course; but just how big of an impact are they having on those of us who cannot go more than ten minutes without scrolling through Instagram or Twitter?

The usual suspects of social media (Photo Credit: Jason Howie)
The usual suspects of social media (Photo Credit: Jason Howie)

Social media has become a huge platform for writers and entrepreneurs over the last few years, taking the internet by storm. With most of the world hooked to the small screen it is no wonder. ‘Lifestyle bloggers’ seem to be all the rage at the moment and I admit, that they even have me hooked. What is fascinating is that so many have used a blog and turned it into a business and a career.

Two of these bloggers stand out to me in particular. Suzanne Jackson and Pippa ‘O Connor. Both women have a huge online presence in Ireland, especially for young girls and both have managed to make a life from it. Starting off with regular sponsorship and Ads to launching their own beauty or fashion brands. Jackson in particular has released around three different products since Christmas and they sold out almost immediately. O’ Connor on the other hand too has her own fashion brand but is also winning digital media awards every other week.

Don’t get me wrong, I think their achievements are wonderful for both; women in the business industry and in Ireland in general, but should we be monitoring the way the younger generation are using the internet?

These people are called influencer’s for a reason and with that is a responsibility to be aware of your followers and the impact you might have on them, impressionable teens especially. It is important to admire these people but also be aware of how their audience of a certain age react to their social media presence. With ASAI taking more control of the blogging industry and he restrictions that come with it, hopefully this will make for a more honest and safe use of social media and the people who come with it.



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