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The importance of music in Dementia Care (Audio Interview)

Music is far beyond being only the art of entertainment. For many years, it has been used as a powerful tool of healing, such as Music Therapy practice, especially in mental health care.

But more than that, music stimulates our emotions such as sadness and happiness and can also bring us memories. Those memories that some of us are maybe not able to access anymore.

This is the power of music in Dementia’s Care.

I visited St. Joseph’s Shankill, a nursing home 100% dedicated to Dementia Care in Ireland and talked to Siobhan Grant, the fundraising manager who explained to me how music is included in their routine, the effects, and how important is for people with dementia.

In addition to the interview, a piece of a song performed by the first dementia inclusive choir in Ireland!

Created in Adobe Audition
Credits: Luana Matos

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