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The importance of honeybees in nature

With climate change becoming an ongoing crisis, we tend to look for big solutions to find ways of fixing the problem. Many countries have called for action plans to be implemented to reduce carbon emissions and improve the world’s atmosphere. As important as these plans are, sometimes the simpler things can be ignored or forgotten about.

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Bees and other pollinators are vital for biodiversity and maintaining our environment. With over 100 bee species in Ireland alone, these insects along with dragonflies and butterflies can help to transfer pollen and increase biodiversity within an ecosystem. By caring for and maintaining these insects, we can do our small part for the environment to help improve the climate crisis.

The work carried out by honeybees allows them to live a short life but get as much as they can do in that period. In a hive, the queen bee and her drones work tirelessly to collect pollen which allows plants and tree species to disperse, causing carbon to be sequestered and producing a cleaner atmosphere for other animals and humans. To learn more about this, I spoke with animal scientist and beekeeper Shane Hamilton who told me just how important beekeeping is and he showed me the work that he does with these bees to help them thrive in their surrounding environments.

Photo by Alexas Fotos

Take a look and see for yourself just how fascinating these creatures are and what they do that benefits the world around us.

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