Biafra is a call from the Eastern Region of Nigeria for a separate and independent country from the Nigerian state. The people involved in this struggle is the Igbo tribe of Nigeria who fought a brutal civil war of secession with  the Nigerian state from 1967-1970 which the Irish Missionaries then made a great impact in providing humanitarian assistance to the war ravaged Biafrans spearheaded by the Nigerian state with the support of Britain, Russia and some Arab countries who fought on the side of Nigeria to defeat the Biafrans. While Biafrans were supported by France and few African countries like Tanzania, Gabon and Ivory Coast.

After the first attempt to secede having fought a brutal civil war, successive Nigeria government have been marginalizing the region in the affairs of the state while the resources (oil and gas) sustaining the Nigerian state as the 6th world largest producer of crude oil and 3rd in gas is coming from that region.

This sparked off a new agitation for a sovereign state of Biafra by the people of Eastern region of Nigeria. Consequently, this has led to the debate for restructuring Nigeria and some considering granting a new country to the Igbo tribe of Nigeria.

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