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The humanitarian project to Gabon of three students in journalism

In October 2018, two of my friends came to me for a big project. Sylvie wanted to organize a humanitarian trip for a while. When she heard that Anne-Lise came from Gabon, she asked her if we could do something there. We were all glad to get into this without passing through any agency. We met Pierre Dévoluy, a great French journalist who had worked in local Gabonese media. He helped us to construct the project. Anne-Lise found the ELAT association which accepts to take us under its wing. It took us 6 months to organize everything.

We took off on March the 8th. We planned 5 days at the Angondjé Center for disadvantaged children. We have done a lot of activities with them: dancing, cooking, and teaching those who could not go to school.

We let children take some footage of our week together. We put our voice on them, to explain to you a little bit more how was our trip.
Source for data: Wikipedia
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