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The launch of the app Hailo in London 2011 has since spread far and wide to Dublin, Toronto, New York, Chicago and Boston with more plans to expand through out the globe in 2013! The Hailo app was designed with both the taxi driver and the customer in mind. It was designed by three London Cabbies and three internet entrepreneurs.

All taxi drivers who use Hailo are licensed taxi drivers and it has been highlighted the level of safety in ordering a Hailo taxi as opposed to hopping in one off the street especially late at night for women. It’s so easy to use and extremely reliable. The current location is picked up by your phone and comes up on a map. You can, with your finger tap the address box below the map to add your phone number and name or any detail that will make it easier for your driver to locate you. After, all you have to do is press pick me up followed by pressing pay cash or account. Finally you can watch your taxi travel on the map and see the estimated minutes before it’s arrival.

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How it works

Hailo is very fast and advanced and works on I pads, ever journey is logged making it extra safe. Because the taxi’s come to you there is no wandering around aimlessly in the cold and rain that is to be expected in Ireland. As a tweet highlights below in the Storify box there is no hassle of stopping at a cash point an attractive feature to many people as it stops rising fare while you hop out.

I Hailoed a taxi to college last week because I was typically late and unwilling to let the extra 20 minute in bed get the better of me. I asked my taxi driver what he thought of Hailo. His response was nothing short of excitement, only for he told me he was self employed I would have thought he worked for Hailo. The ten minute journey he barely gasped for air he ranted and raved about how amazing Hailo was. He then proceeded to inform me about since he got Hailo in September that he has made in and around 100 euro more a week because of the app. The enthusiast then proceeded to give me a card and demonstrate a step by step account of how he receives a Hailo call.

Hailo seems to offer several perks and has got some great feedback. I’m sure it will continue to grow globally and I would definitely recommend people download the app.



The Halo website offers so much info I got my images of google



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  1. Great article. Really shows how the introduction of the Hailo app. was truly a win/win situation for all involved. Both driver and customer benefit from the idea.

  2. Clear and concise review on the Hailo ap! Really depicts how Hailo has revolutionised booking a taxi. With a simple ‘finger tap’, taxis can be located in your area, booked and arrive within minutes of your request.

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