The Gym vs The Web: The Best Online Workout Videos

By KatLevPhoto on Flickr
By KatLevPhoto on Flickr
By KatLevPhoto on Flickr


If you haven’t heard of Blogilates yet you might actually be living under a rock. Certified fitness instructor, Cassey Ho, has been running this Youtube channel since 2009 and it is by far the best  collection of workout videos you will find online. All of her videos are completely free and generally 10-15 minutes long. All you need is yoga mat and some floor space to participate. She also has an excellent website as well as a food channel (BlogilatesTV) where you can find amazing recipes for low calorie meals.

Ballet Beautiful:

As a dancer myself I highly recommend ballet classes to anyone wanting to tone up but if joining a class isn’t an option you can still get the benefits of a barre workout from the comfort of your own home. There are quite a few ballet workouts online but one of the best is Ballet Beautiful. Professional ballerina, Mary Helen Bowers, created Ballet Beautiful as a “highly targeted and effective approach to fitness”.  A few of her videos are available for free on Youtube.

You can also find more Ballet Beautiful workouts on Mary’s website. These ones aren’t free but are still much cheaper than a gym membership and once you buy one you can access it again at any time.


BeFIT is an excellent Youtube channel with a range of different workouts from strength training to cardio. (If you can overlook some of the cringeworthy moves)

Yoga With Adriene:

If you want an easy workout or just some simple stretching/relaxation tips, this one is for you. Adriene Mishler provides 15-30 minute yoga classes. She has a range of sequences for weight loss as well as relaxation sequences that cater for complete beginners to more advanced viewers.

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