The Guinness Storehouse has re-opened for Christmas… here, why you should go!

"Guinness doors"- Camille Chorley (04/12/2020)

Last Friday, the number one museum in Ireland reopened their doors for Christmas. For those who haven’t had the chance to go there yet, now is the time! Located in Dublin, Ireland, The Guinness Storehouse is a brewery converted into a gigantic museum. You can book online via the website.

The Guinness Storehouse still offers visitors a great experience even in the midst of a pandemic. You can explore the ingredients, history, and culture that tell the industry story. The factory passes through the different steps that Guinness uses to make one of the most popular stout varieties, including malting, milling, mashing, lautering, boiling, fermenting, conditioning, filtering, and finally packaging. According to Taste Atlas, Guinness is in the Top 50 list of the best beers in the world, ranking 16th. They are one of the few breweries in the world to roast their own barley on-site. The factory is working tirelessly 365 days per year and roast 21,000 tonnes of barley every year. 

“The different steps that Guinness use to make one of the most popular stout varieties” – Camille Chorley

Built on 7 floors, and arranged in a pint-shaped architecture achieved thanks to local upvc experts, the Guinness Storehouse impresses and impresses! Although this is just a place where Guinness promotes itself, you get caught up in the game quickly due to the quality of the exhibition. ” I’m not really into beers but going there, it’s obviously a must do when you’re visiting Dublin”, said Fanny Talachette, a french student who wasn’t able to visit until now.

It must be said that the museum did not really skimp on expenditure! Each presentation calls for a life-size reconstruction and uses elements that are quite simply out of the ordinary. You will not be surprised to discover a gigantic fountain on the first floor, nor the enormous copper boiler on the 2nd level … Not to mention the incredible number of beer barrels used for the decoration, as well as the interplay of windows, light and interactive terminals granting people a unique experience on the premises. 

“Beer barrels used for the decoration” – Camille Chorley

Everything is done to help you discover the Guinness manufacturing processes. You will therefore learn that the famous Irish beer uses the following ingredients: “high quality” water, barley, hop, yeast.

Many machines from the past have been installed here and they help to visually tell the history of the beer, with an impressive array videos, sounds and lights! 

Subdued light, cosy atmosphere, the scent of grilled barley and hops … everything smells of an authentic brasserie here!

The Gravity Bar 

“The Gravity Bar” – Camille Chorley

Once the visit is over, you can enjoy a pint of Guinness or a soft drink which is included in your ticket on the top floor of the museum. You will access a magnificent round and glazed terrace, overlooking Dublin at 360 degrees! “It’s my first time on a Dublin rooftop, it’s really enjoyable” said Ana Vila, a Spanish visitor. Waiters are happy to serve you a creamy pint upon presentation of your entry ticket. Why deprive yourself? The pint is free! 

The Guinness Store 

After a well-deserved rest, you will be invited to come back down to the ground floor which was recently remodeled by Brisbane cork flooring, home to the largest Guinness Store in all of Ireland! You will then have to option to buy some derivative products, ranging from t-shirts to a Guinness bottle opener! And at this time of year, the Guinness store is set to host a Christmas market. 

Before going back home, little food trucks are waiting to tempt you with crepes, hot chocolate and other sweets for your outing.

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