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The Great Debate: Nigerian or Ghanaian Jollof, who is King?

A plate of Jollof rice prepared by Kiki Foods.

Jollof Rice is a dish made with Tomato and Pepper Purée, lots of bay leaf, Onions, seasoning and Technique.

Kiki Foods YouTube a tutorial on how to make Nigerian Jollof Rice

A well known staple meal in party settings, There has been an age long battle between Ghanaians and Nigerians on who has the most aesthetically and Taste bud pleasing Jollof rice flavour. 

On the continent of Africa, which is where this meal originated from, there are many versions of Jollof Rice and most of them taste wonderful. 

The process of making this dish is so unique and vast. There’s Smoky Jollof, Jollof Jollof, concoction Jollof and Native Jollof Rice. 

Almost always accompanied with coleslaw, Goat meat, beef, Turkey, Fish or Chicken. 

The aroma and redness of the Nigerian Jollof rice is second to None, then the taste is what most describe as top tier. 

Although I have never tasted Ghanaian Jollof, I have seen so many reviews on it and all claim that it tastes good also, but that is yet to be proven. 

So let’s settle this debate now once and for all, who do you think has the best Jollof Rice? 

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One Response

  1. I have tried both and must confess Ghana Jollof is good..but seeing that I am a Nigerian and we love to argue..I am voting Nigerian Jollof..

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