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The Godfather: A Film expert view

Al Pacino, painted portrait

Anytime you feel less of yourself, take out time to watch this movie. They will either give you joy, make you know your surrounding, make you understand the world better or show you how to live in a wicked world or you might have to learn the hard way.

People watch movies for different reasons, some for fun, some for lonely moments and some because a friend recommends.  This Godfather is a movie that can be distinguished ahead of others and also a move of its kind that we don’t see in the modern days.

A Film expert view

I got in contact with a Nigerian film expert, where I did a question and answer routine in regards to the movie ‘The Godfather;

Chinenye Ugwu: She is a film expert and also has a bachelor degree in theatre and film studies. She graduated from University of Nigeria, Nsukka and is presently and she is currently an Executive personal assistant at Screen and Film Academy, Nigeria.

Why are movies not made again like ‘The Godfather’ compared to now?

Movies like these are made in recent time because the times have changed and the money to shoot this kind of money will be too expensive as you cant really find characters who can play those roles like the original cast. It’s more of a one-off movie.

What can other movies learn from the production of ‘The Godfather’

In all honesty, The Godfather’s production was professionally done by its director and cinematographer, because little details like light and darkness were spotted just to add a bit of intimidation to each character at specific scenes.

Whats the difference between family and business in reference to ‘The Godfather’?

She laughs and states that in her personal life she has done businesses whereby family crashes it, maybe for self-benefit or whereby someone feels cheated and has to retaliate

She also goes on to explain that the concept of this movie was dragged along lines where when a meeting needs to be done its done, but Don Corleone who was a man of principles who always taught his children never that every deal was business and not personal.

she says that In today’s world when a deal is done some people may not get equal share due to who brings up the offer first, that why you can hear these days that two people are fighting over the share of a land or two brothers kill themselves because of cheating

Can a movie like this ever be recreated better?

As I said earlier on, the point to this question is that, unlike the Marvel movies, which are movies which changes as time goes on, a lot of people can be found to fit in any roles, but for The Godfather, I don’t feel any character can be found because the people are totally different from those characters now, a lot has happened in the world now. The world doesn’t really keep secretive Mafians again due to Federal Government coming in place and a lot of detectives.

If a movie like this was shot in present days, I guarantee you it won’t sell because the target audience has changed. People are more into action, comedy and drama, not killings again.



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