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The Gardens of Hardwicke ​Street

Jason Sheridan, member of Hardwike Street Garden's Project

After the regeneration of Hardwicke Street flat complex, in 2010, a group of residences came together to grow a garden in the community. It was built raised beds with fruits, plants, salads in different gardens around the complex.

Noticing that the project was growing and people were interested, the City Council offered to get a teacher to teach the residents about gardening and the principles of it getting more attention from the community and involving more people interested to help with their skills.

Jason Sheridan, a member of the community and also a social worker involved in the Hardwicke Street Garden Club, helped to develop the project into a club that would be recognized as a society and be allowed to make grand applications for financial support that it would be extremely important to the development of the project in future.

The Hardwicke Street Garden Club has entered many times in the Bloom Garden Festival in Phoenix Park, opening space to new garden projects in the comunity such as the Chindren’s Garden, in memory of the children who died in the Easter Rising in 2016.

Sheridan explains that “the project helps people from kids to elderly people creating a positive environment where they can feel welcome and included”. And he also believes that the fact that nature has any judgement, people feel more relaxed because they feel the connection with the plants, especially if they are working in the garden.

He takes us on a tour through the Gardens of Hardwicke Street, in Dublin city centre.

Gardens of Hardwicke Street, Dublin City Centre
Created in Adobe Premiere
Credits: Luana Matos

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