The future of film is here: A look of IADT students’ project for Film as Art

IADT picture photo credit: Sean MacEntee (flickr)
IADT picture photo credit: Sean MacEntee (flickr)

This past Tuesday the second year students of IADT showed their work as an event Film as Art. It was organised by 2nd year film and television students Dani Wall, Sinead Doran, Mia Ferguson and Sean Bradford and showed the students’  work at the Drawing Room in Dun Laoghaire. In this writer’s opinion, every student displayed creativity in their projects and despite sacrificing sleep and hobbies to perfect their craft, show fun and interesting material would appeal the IFI. Courtesy of the IADT students, allow yours truly to present some of the material presented at the exhibition to set a virtual rendition of the gallery for the rest of you readers.

Conor Maguire‘s untitled piece which views the emotions of people watching things on television

The End of Days by Aaron McGahon which is Inspired by The Opening Of The Sixth Seal’ by Francis Danby

The Wanderer by Matthew Rogan

Soli Deo Gloria by Sean Bradford which was an exclusive piece as  viewers at the exhibition would enter a dark box and look down to as if they were the person in the film.

Schism by Roisin Bolger which looks at the theme of narcissism.

Portrait by Liam Durnin which focuses on two friends using their phones

Of Heaven & Hell by James Culloty  which is based on The Ghost of a Flea by William Blake.

Untitled by Abigail Slazenger which contains shots similar to that of Big Brother.
Number 32 • Inspired by Jackson Pollock by Jamie Doyle

Untitled  by Shane Crowley which was inspired by stock character Pierrot

Click here for Lissette Krol-Aerial Hoop by Sinead Doran

Wired In by David Howard which takes a look at technology has on us.

Distractions by Andrew Jordan which tells the story of a man who gets lost in his thoughts.

What did you think about these films? Feel free to comment what you thought about these films.


  1. Thank you very much for the write up Diarmuid. I think the link for James Cullotys is incorrect. I can forward you the link to his film as art if you would like.

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