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The Fumbally : The place to be!

The Fumbally




Many coffeeshops have grown in Dublin, brunch, yoga and coffee, etc. and you never know where to go ?

Well, today the Circular found a special place for you, let’s enter the world of The Fumbally !






Paintings on the wall
Paintings on the wall

An artistic and atypical place 

When you enter this place, the first thing you might notice is this fantastic decoration. Long wooden tables, chairs like the ones you would see in the old schools (there aren’t two identical chairs!), and these old leather sofas you don’t want to leave because there are way too comfortable. Now you see it: it’s a very vintage spot! Not only is this vintage, but also very artistic: big paintings and drawings cover the walls, plants and bottles are everywhere around the place. 

The Fumbally insists on one point: Create link between people and share your table! (Yes you will see a nice sign saying you have to share your table) Between bookshelves and pictures, you might see people chatting while having a homemade lunch, near the large window people working on their laptop while drinking a coffee, so whether you are looking for a place to work or a place to be with your friends the Fumbally is The good one!

Coffee in the Fumbally credit photo Lucille Rombi
Coffee in the Fumbally credit photo Lucille Rombi


How about the Menu?

Brunch on the weekend? Lunch on a weekday? It will always be local products and homemade meals.

Coffee, cakes, avocado toast everything looks (and probably is) delicious!

You will also find a kitchen inside the room, so you can see them cooking while waiting for your order to arrive, this will for sure make your mouth water!






A new style of Coffee shop

The Fumbally does not only make coffee, but it also creates lots of events. Workshop, market, you will find a large choice of activities.

Did you ever want to make your own mozzarella? Well, they have workshops to teach you how. 

The Fumbally is open from Tuesday to Saturday, and make dinner on Wednesday from 7pm to 9.30pm.

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