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The French expatriation in Ireland

Since the beginning of the 2000s, Ireland has become one of the most attractive countries in Europe. The first thing that comes to your mind is: There are a lot of French People in this country. But, this is not the reality.

According to French Diplomacy, 10 723 people live in Ireland. This number corresponds to the French Community which is officially registered. If we count the overall community, approximately 25 000 French people live in the country. But, at the contrary according to the Central Statistic office in Ireland, approximatively 11 661 French people live in Ireland. 48 % come from Dublin ( 5 576 people).

Most of the people who are coming to Ireland work in new technologies, services or industries. According to Diplomacy, one hundred and fifty companies employed nearly 15 000 French people. The presence of major companies such as Google or Apple encouraged people to emigrate. This phenomenon is called Brain-Drain. It corresponds when a person emigrated to another country to work.

French People in Europe Source : Wikipedia

The French community is spread all over the world, even in Ireland. A lot of the French people in Ireland are a student. They go abroad to improve their English skills. French universities also organize exchanges in Irish colleges throughout their courses. Such as business, law or journalism.

According to the French newspaper L’Etudiant, 2 200 French students go to Ireland with Erasmus. In contrast, there are 170 000 students overall in the country. As a consequence, the French student represents a small part of the overall number of students. But the number of students who comes to Ireland is not the same everywhere. According to the CSO: in 2016, only 1211 French people have studied in the country.

Even the French community is not well represented all over the country. Groups of people are trying to help people who want to come to this country. Social networks help people to emigrate and install themself in a foreign country. One of the most famous on Facebook is called “Les Français à Dublin”. This group allows asking any type of question about living in Ireland or Dublin for French people. This type of group permit to develop and share the French community in Ireland. It could be useful for a person who is coming to Dublin in the next few days or months.

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