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The Food Blog- Facebook Foodie Group

Flickr image by iweatherman showing food

Food isn’t just what we place on our tables and consume, its art, its creativity. Every salt, every spice we add to our food to make it tasty is art. Getting 100% satisfaction from food with the right texture, the precise taste is what makes individuals happy and filled with joy.

The Food Blog is a Facebook group created to bring people who love cooking together. My love for journalism and cooking inspired the creation of this group.

A Facebook Group is a place where people can interact in the community and share their mutual interests and express their opinion. The group lets people come together to coordinate, express expectations, discuss problems, post photos, and share relevant content around a common cause, topic, or operation. Anyone can set up and run their own Facebook Community, and up to 6,000 other groups can even join.

This group does not have any restrictions whatsoever on members. It is a platform for people of different cultures and ethnicity to bring creativity into the group.

The group is created for all members to share their local recipes, food creativity, and also learn other people’s recipes. It will also create an avenue for healthy eating as members of the group can suggest ingredients or methods that can be added to a recipe to improve it. It is also an avenue for members to showcase their photography skills

Live classes will also be held once in two weeks where a member of the group holds a live tutorial on how to make their local delicacies.

Below is the link to my Facebook group.



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