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The Fear of Vaccines or Covid-19 Vaccine

Photo by Miguel á Padriñán from Pexel

In a world where vaccines have proven to be effective, many people no longer die from polio or measles, malaria does not have a total cure but it has a standard treatment so we ask ourseleves, where does the fear of Covid-19 Vaccine come from?.

The early stage of the outbreak of Covid-19 left half of the world was in panic and the constant lockdowns drove some people into becoming mentally depressed.

At the beginning, there were conspiracy theories about the Virus and how it had been created on purpose. Some people thought, the virus had come to wipe humanity away, some thought it didn’t exist, Some Americans don’t believe coronavirus is real some even thought it was linked to the recent development of the 5G network. Moving forward, the lockdowns were becoming stressed, depriving people from being with their families and missing out on popular holidays and celebrations. With everything happening, the vaccine was in works and almost ready for distribution.

The fact that vaccines normally take up to 10 years to produce had a major effect on minds of some people, leaving most people in distrust of the vaccine. But with the shut down of so many sectors for safety reasons, society has shown that it can react on a large scale to new and unexpected changes. For example, many businesses and co-operations that never thought of working from home, found out that they could and be productive in the same way, people became more organized with the social distance at many levels. “They produced it too fast: It should take years…”

In a chat with Onyinye and Oluwadare, they shared their views on the Vaccine and why it should be taken, Dare mentioned how he had contacted Covid-19 in Cyprus and how he has to wait 90 days after recovery before getting vaccinated.

Another rumour about the vaccine is the idea a chip or tracker being inserted into the body for recording purposes. Surveillance microchips  Some countries in Africa also believe that the vaccine was out to wipe out Africa’s wide population. Colonial mentality.

The Covid-19 vaccines have started rolling out in a systematic way and countries are beginning to open up in a manner of steps.

For more Questions and Answers on the Covid-19 vaccine, visit World Health Organization (WHO). WHO on covid-19 vaccine Q&A

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