The End is Nigh.

It is now Sunday but not just any Sunday, this is the last Sunday that I know exactly what is going to happen on Monday, because tomorrow is the last Monday that I am ever going to walk in the gates of Griffith College to go to a class.

So everything that happens next week in college is the last time that we are ever going to do it, and when next Friday comes, and I walk out those gates, I will have left my last class ever as a college student (well for the distant future).

But what have I gained from the last three years of college? It is hard to summarise three years into words, but one of the main things I gained, was meeting some amazing people along the way. It wasn’t just people in college, but because of these new friends, and there friends, and meeting people on different nights out in out usual haunt Copper Face Jacks, (better known to us country folk as Coppers)

I don’t have a life plan yet, but what I do know is that for the following week ahead I am going to savor every minute of every day. Everything that happens I want to document through pictures, videos, Facebook statuses and check-ins.

Below I have included some of the 600 photos I took from Griffith Ball 2013.

922503_10200523162715928_1150088421_o                    920609_10151479735227893_651295054_o


905432_10200523141635401_1423725859_o                                            904196_10200523126155014_1932086046_o


905370_10200523153875707_271837431_o                     476249_10200523138235316_676349092_o



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