The easiest ways to learn HTML by yourself.

Coding class - Photo credit Michael Pollak (Flickr)
Coding class - Photo credit Michael Pollak (Flickr)
Coding class - Photo credit Michael Pollak (Flickr)
Coding class – Photo credit Michael Pollak (Flickr)

To deal with the realization of a WordPress is more and more common nowadays, and what better in this case than to personalize it as much as possible ? Moreover, as far as I know creating a website, or making it created for you can do a big budget difference. So, if you are working in a digital environment, if your are full of ideas and would like to create your own online presence, or even if you are just curious and keen to learn new things for your personal knowledge, learning HTML can be something to put on your list.

At first sight, we probably all think that taking courses would be the best thing to learn coding, moreover Griffith college offers coding introduction as evening school for €700, which is not that bad when you think what it can brings to you. And by the way, having to follow a class program would probably lead you to be more effective in your learning. So that’s the first option, but if you’re broke or just don’t want to spend €700 in that, then there are a few other options :

– The first one and probably one of the most famous would be to buy a book, but we all know that this solution never really works, how many of us have already bought a book with a good resolution and finally left it on a shelf forever ? Furthermore, books don’t really helps you practice that much, which is a must do to learn coding.

– The second solution is to go on YouTube and look for tutorials. This is a pretty good solution, and the fact that someone explains to you is great, but some of these videos are frankly amateurs and it won’t be easy to understand all of it. But still, keep this solution as a complement for your learning.

Itunes U, recently launched on iPad, it gives access to courses made by some real professionals. You can choose which university courses you want to follow between a great selection, some of the most popular universities in the world put their courses on this platform. Some for free, some not. Unfortunately these tutorial can really seems hard to understand to truly newbies and it doesn’t really makes you practice either.

– The last solution, is to learn on specialized website, some are free like code academy, a great website that would help you to learn step by step and practice HTML, which allows you to see your daily progression. This website is available in different languages, and there are a few different coding languages available too. Some other websites like this one are great too :  Openclassrooms, which offers a complete compilation of helps like professional videos or books and deliver a certificate at the end of the learning. Openclassrooms is available for €20 a month or for free for a lighter version. Other websites like Codeschool offers videos and tutorials for $29 a month and W3schools & both provides basic online learning for beginners for free.

Now the only thing that remains to do is to choose the solution that fits you and start learning, but in any case, learning to code even basics can only be an advantage either personal or professional.

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