The Do’s and Don’t’s of Netflix

the majority of households nowadays have a Netflix account , but in the vast world of film and television it is hard to know what to do or which to chose. Here’s my breakdown of English Netflix.


1. DO : Make your own profile, siblings or friends who share the account can have complete different taste so avoid pointless suggestions and time..



2. DON’T : Give your password out to so many people that you’ll actually be the one that’s locked out.  Netflix allow a certain amount of devices per account, keep them to yourself and whoever is sharing the account or when you’re sitting down to watch the next episode of the show you’re dying to see , you’ll be left disappointed…

Credit: Vavau
Credit: Vavau

3. DO:  Rate a film after you’ve watched it , answer their short questions too. The next time you sign into your Netflix account they’ll have pretty accurate suggestions as to what you might want to watch!!



4. DON’T : Care what you watch. No one can see what you’ve viewed ( well maybe the ones sharing the account) everyone enjoys a sappy rom com now and again – Who cares ! Enjoy it!!

Above: Failure to Launch a classic guilty pleasure , Credit:Letxy
Above: Failure to Launch a classic guilty pleasure , Credit:Letxy


5. DO : Watch the whole series of Breaking Bad. For some divine reason, English Netflix is privileged enough to the rights of every episode of the hit series Breaking Bad. Even though its finished on TV it will always be one of the most successful shows. If you’ve completed the series – Watch it again !!!
Above: Jesse and Walter, Breaking Bad. Credit: 2Top


6. DON’T: Watch a movie and don’t finish it. Netflix knows you better than you do ! It will take that unfinished movie and leave it right at the top of your screen.. so it can haunt you.. Forever!!


7. DO : Get into a Netflix original series. Don’t be too snobby for the shows who didn’t make it to TV. They’re that good they can survive on Netflix alone. The likes of Orange is the New Black and House of Cards are hugely popular and both nominated for and winning Golden Globes. They also get uploaded by the series so there’s no waiting around.


8. DON’T: Log onto Netflix without a clue what you want to watch. We’ve all been there, It works out sometimes. but more often than not your left scrolling through every genre and  it being too late for you to even watch something.
Credit: Upsilon Andromedae


9. DO : Watch Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends. Another treasure of English Netflix is this mastermind’s bold and entertaining documentary series.  It’s not something you have to follow and can start on episode 9 if you like. But watching the full series is a must at some stage!


10. DON’T:  Avoid series in general. A lot of people find TV shows too time consuming but the good thing is that they can be something to look forward to every night after a long day. And if you do have that extra bit of time the next episode plays in 15 seconds so you don’t have to be left in suspense..


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