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The domino effect of Covid-19 restrictions on restaurant businesses

The past year has been extremely difficult, it has changed the way people and especially businesses function. Many businesses around the world were terribly affected due to Covid-19. The aftermath of Covid-19 and lockdown sends chills down the spine, particularly for the hospitality industry. Many businesses suffered major economic setbacks, which led to the closing down of many small cafes and restaurants that couldn’t survive on their own. Many employees working in the hospitality industry were laid off. While the government provided financial support to many such businesses it wasn’t sufficient for a number of restaurant owners to keep running the business. Many restaurant owners needed new equipment like a Used Stainless Steel Three Door Commercial Freezer, fryers, seating and much more equipment but it wasn’t possible due to financial struggles.

This tell-all interview with the owner and head staff of Diwali restaurant in Dublin provides an in-depth understanding of how the restaurant businesses in Ireland were affected due to Covid-19. It also discusses the current scenario we are in and what is next in store for restaurant businesses.

While the government is easing restrictions, things are not completely on the brighter side for restaurant businesses that are awaiting indoor dining permissions. It was announced earlier that only hotels will be allowed permission for indoor dining and restaurants and pubs will have to stick to the ‘outdoor summers’ rule. This didn’t go well with the Restaurants Association of Ireland who clearly expressed their unhappiness.

Basis recent news reports, permission for indoor dining for restaurants and pubs from 5 July is on the agenda for Cabinet discussion.

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