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D-e-s-s-e-r-t, who doesn’t love sweets? Imagine the best dessert on the earth, is it western or Indian sweets? Are you ice cream, cupcake or doughnuts person? Don’t worry, there’s no right answer. From delicious brownies to baklava to Gulab jamun, Dublin has a lot to offer.

A multi-cultural hub where marshmallows, chocolates, cakes are cheaper than most necessities. The perfect place for a sugar high. The first stop would be:-

  1. Murphy’s Ice Cream –  they launched their business and started with one store in 2000, one of the best ice-cream places in town, delivering a wide range of flavors such as caramel, cookie, gin, elderflower, sea salt, raspberry sorbet to butterscotch and Irish brown bread to name a few. This spot is known for its organic ice-cream without any colorings and also for vegan and dairy-free sorbets in refreshing flavors such as mango and raspberry.

What are you waiting for? Go get your ice-cream on!

Ice-cream (mmm.. Murphy’s) in Dublin , image credits- pexels 

2.   Queen of Tarts-  Established since 1998,  the founders- two sisters Regina and Yvonne Fallon trained as chefs in New York City and returned to Ireland to run their own cafe.  This place is well – known for brunches, the finest cakes, scones, brownies, and their magnificent tarts.

This spot is also known for the home-made buttermilk brown bread, cakes and signature tarts such as chocolate pecan tart, cheesecakes such as the new york raspberry cheesecake or baileys and the scones are a must-try!

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3. Offbeat Donuts – 
Offbeat Donuts was a dream of baking duo Brian and Sandra O’Casey and that dream developed into a reality when the store first opened in May 2016.  All doughnuts are handmade fresh on-site throughout the day by the bakers, giving a huge range of variety and catering to vegans, off-beat donuts with about 20 flavors and raving reviews, this is the best D-O-N-U-T place to go!

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image credits- pexels

4.   Three Twenty Ice Cream Lab – Dublin’s first liquid nitrogen ice cream shop. Made to order using local organic cream in an anglaise base, Three Twenty’s ice cream is rapidly frozen by liquid nitrogen bringing back traditional Ice Cream in a twist.

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5. Coppinger Row – is where Beyoncé and Jay-Z ate, featured on Condé Nast Traveller’s list of the 12 best places to eat and drink in the city. This place is famous for its vanilla panna cotta.

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These dessert places in town are just a few to satisfy every dessert lover’s palate. Head to this space for more information! So donut worry and be happy  🙂 I’d love your opinion if you have tried any of these places!

Thank you!

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