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Spotlight: Lagos Nigeria, The Creative Scene in Africa’s Megacity. Featuring: Lagos Fashion Week, LagosPhoto Festival, ART X Lagos, & Lagos Street Style

The Lagos creative scene has seen the Nigerian city become a hub for artists, photographers, designers and fashion trendsetters to share ideas with each other and reach new audiences abroad.

Lagos is a city in the state of Lagos, which is located in the country of Nigeria. Home to 21 million people; Lagos is a metropolitan megacity, which also happens to be the African continent’s most populous. It is said to be the 7th fastest growing city in the world.

Lagos Fashion Week


Taking place over four days in October, Lagos Fashion week (LagosFW) is where designers from around Africa converge to showcase their collections. Over 50 designers from African countries such as Senegal, Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana, use the platform that LagosFW provides as a place to introduce their creations to new markets. This year saw designer Adebayo Oke-Lawal of the androgynous menswear label ORANGE CULTURE present his collection, ‘Rainbows and Tears‘, to a packed crowd. The LagosFW platform also acts as a support for emerging designers.

LagosPhoto Festival


The Lagos Photo Festival is a Nigerian photography festival where both National and International emerging and professional photographer’s works are exhibited. Beginning nearly a decade ago, the website states that “LagosPhoto aims to show the best in photography from the African continent, featuring stories which speak to the theme and push the boundaries of traditional photographic approaches.”

The festival is free to attend, and this year it took place from Oct 27 – Nov 15, which saw a host of events including workshops, masterclasses and of course — parties.


ART X Lagos


ART X Lagos is West Africa’s premier international art fair. Featuring 18 galleries from around Africa and the Diaspora such as the Nigerian based SMO Contemporary Art Gallery, and the Tafeta art gallery in the UK, ART X Lagos is a multiday art fair that offers specially curated events, live events, talks, and exhibitions. The fair has only been around since 2016, but in that short time, it has attracted International collectors and curators and over 15,000 attendees. The fair welcomes artists of varying disciplines, including painters, sculptures, and mix media artists.

Lagos Street Style


Lagos Street Style is a style blog that documents the burgeoning style scene of Nigeria. The blog features candid snaps of the city’s most style-conscious individuals. Lagosians have the ability to mix traditional Nigerian attire with modern pieces to present a fresh hybrid aesthetic that is unique onto them. So, if you plan on visiting Lagos any time soon, remember to bring your best attire and be prepared to strut.


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