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The Creative director of chuchu’s bakehouse and enterprise: Faith Zibiri

Ochuwa Faith Zibiri is a Theater Arts graduate of Ambrose Alli University, Edo state, Nigeria. She is the CEO and Creative director of Chuchu’s Bakehouse and Enterprise, where services of baking, catering, event planning, training and consultancy services are rendered.

Hi Faith, share your baking journey with me. I started baking as a hobby in 2009 and my passion for it made me go into it full time as a business in 2011. My inspiration for baking and cooking also started from my days in secondary school when I was taking food and nutrition classes.

My passion for making tasty and beautiful cakes and meals have been perfected through certificate courses that I have done over the years as well as training from my mother who is also a caterer.

I bake for different events such as; birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, house warming, christening, baby showers, graduations, etc, in fact, I even bake cakes for quarrels as I would jokingly tell my clients (laughing).

I always try to outdo myself on every order I get and I don’t compromise my standard regardless of the situation or project at hand. I pride myself on being able to produce cakes that make my clients always come back or recommend me to someone else for another job based on quality of taste, attention to details to create a wow factor, neatness in finishing and level of creativity and to deliver on time regardless of the location where it is required within the country.

I always push myself to give my best on every order irrespective of the occasion and most of the ‘compliments’ I always receive from my clients are usually ”chuchu, your cakes are so yummy and clean”


Through the grace of God, I have enjoyed some accolades (praises) both privately and also among the international cake Explorers Association of Nigeria of which I am an active member. I enjoy a lot of support and encouragement from my family, friends, fans, colleagues in the industry and most especially from my husband who has always been there for me as my taster, adviser, companion, and creative critique and like he will always say; “my wife makes the best cakes and meals, if you haven’t eaten her cakes, you’ve been eating buns”.

Chuchu’s Bakehouse is unique from other brands as we are original in every aspect from product production to service delivery. We develop our own cooking and baking recipes that give our cakes and food a distinction over the normal.

What are the challenges you come across? As a baker/caterer, I don’t see challenges, but rather, an opportunity to turn situations into success. It is with this mindset I tackle challenges and so far I have been able to surmount them all.

Advice to the youths. Never run away from difficulties and don’t be defeated before you try to succeed. You never know what you are capable of till you push yourself
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