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The Corridor Cast Podcast

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The Corridor Cast

About an hour ago, a fantastic Youtube Channel Corridor Digital which is a well-known film channel that produces cool video game inspired videos with unique VFX, has launched a podcast that shares interviews with other famous Youtube Filmmakers like Jake Roper from Vsauce and Mike Diva. The podcast looks into their lives, experiences and filmmaking tips, and tricks. As podcasts have gained huge popularity in recent years, its great to see top Youtube content creators share tips and tricks on how they go to where they are. So if you’re big into podcasts, filmmaking, and just cool topics, go support these creators and listen to what they have to say!

So check out the first podcast with one of the hosts from Youtube’s coolest channels Jake Roper from Vsauce 3.

Jake Roper Podcast:

Also, don’t forget to check out the rest of Corridor Digitals Channels! Heres a small taste of some of there coolest videos just to tease you!

Worlds Longest Lightsaber:



Dubstep guns:





Here are the links to these creators channels, subscribe and share their videos and help them out!

Main Channel:

Corridor Digital

Behind the Scenes channel:

Corridor Crew

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