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James is a twerking, derping, selfie-ing, LGBT rights campaigning, puppy, Pokemon and My Little Pony loving YouTuber from Kells, Co.Meath. Started in 2011, JamesMitchellTV has been featured in the Irish Independent as one of Ireland’s up and coming Vloggers and hailed James as a “master of TMI”… And on closer inspection, it’s easy to see why.

From James’ Bus Problems:

His Best and Worst Grindr Experiences:
His Failed Xpose Audition:

His Tattoo:

And To His Hangover:

So before he gets too famous, Erica Doyle Higgins caught up with James to ask him how it all started.

How did you get started? 

I started my YouTube channel while watching a fe other YouTubers frequently. Whatthebuck, Jane Dawson, Britney Louise Taylor and CharlieIsSoCoolLIke were the people I watched all the time and I thought ‘I want to do that too!”

Since you started, what have been your favourite moments?

Definitely the two fundraisers I’ve had over the last two years. The first was in a living room with an audience of 20. The second was in UCD’s Astra hall with an audience of 100! It’s weird because since I’ve moved to Dublin, I get recognised on the street almost every week. Very weird, but an absolutely incredible feeling.

Having a YouTube channel documenting your life, there has to be some tough moments? 

There aren’t really tough moments, it’s something I love to do and if I ever don’t love it… I’ll stop!

What are your favourite videos that you’ve done? 

Definitely the ones my viewers love the most. Once they’re entertained: I’m happy!

On the topic of fans and viewers, have you ever been sent anything weird in your fan mail? 

Nothing weird, but the best thing I’ve been given was handmade banners with my name on them from a group of fans at the Dublin Gay Pride Parade.

And finally, what’s the future for JamesMitchellTV? 

Who knows what the future will bring! I could stop tomorrow, or still be doing it in 10 years!

You can find James on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and of course, YouTube

James is also competing to become the official backstage presenter for the Voice of Ireland, so watch his video here and give it a share here if you like it. 


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