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The Circle (2015): Movie Review

photo by pixabay on pexels

Directed by: Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione

Written by :Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione

Rating: 15

Genre: Horror-Thiller, Sci-Fi, fantasy and Psychological

I have been thinking about a movie my friends and I watched over a month ago, The circle. The movie started with a group of 50 people in a dark room they woke up while standing in 2 large circles that was intertwined, they were all startled, confused and panicking. These 50 people comprises of men and women, young and old.

This is where the film would entice you to watch it. All of the acting, lighting, effects, and sound are adequate. Some of the characters, though, are not, pushing some of the actors into a corner from which they must fight their way out. The spell then begins to break.

Any movement done or made by the people like either torching or moving an alarm would go off and if that warning alarm is ignored a beam from the circle kills them. Every 2 minutes the alarm goes off and someone is killed, after several people were killed they understood the circles technology. They have to vote who dies next and who stays for each round.

After a lot off arguments they decided to follow someone’s suggestion to kill the old people first because they believe that they have seen life already and the younger ones still have a lot of life ahead of them in advance. A cop recognised a tattooed man who is involved in a domestic violence once he admitted the crime he was voted to be eliminated. Later on an African-American complained that the process has become racist, others agreed to the fact and the cop went on ranting about it and he was selected next. Coincidence?

A man named Michael Nardelli as Eric, the pregnant woman Allegra Masters and the little girl Molly Jackson as Katie was the last 3, they all agreed to let the pregnant woman live and decided not to eliminate her but themselves.

Do you think the plan went well? or someone betrayed/sly

Who came out alive? What was the achievement?

This is a good movie, I was pleased to get more that I expected.

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