The Celebrity World : Idols or Idiots?

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In the past two decades the celebrity world has expanded so much that it is nearly bursting at the seams.  Each day we are inundated with the ‘celeb’ world and it has become somewhat of an addiction.

 Now don’t get me wrong, music and film can have a positive impact on your life. It can be seen as a way to escape, to drown out the constant and ever moving ways of life. Music appeals to our senses; it can pull on our heart strings, whereas Hollywood gives us a chance to imagine a different sort of life, one that allows us to hide from our often mundane surroundings and even allows the individual to dream over the latest hunk or in male cases, female star who has embraced our screens.

However, has it come to a point where celebrity life has taken over our own? Has it reached that line where we are now mesmerised and infatuated by idiots rather than idols? 

 There is always that question that everyone was asked when they were young: ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?” Answers would always range from a number of professions from teachers to doctors to fireman (or women). There would also be one or two that had very active imaginations seeing themselves as astronauts or astrologists. Of course without a doubt there was a desire among some to be a prince or princess but yet those thoughts would soon be overtaken by careers that intrigued them as they grew.  While the life of a princess might only confront us on screen, the youth of today see this as a true reality. Now it’s not your typical depiction of a fairy tale life that they want, children nowadays want to be a new form of royalty, celebrity royalty.

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  In a survey constructed by LinkedIn one in eleven people are working in their dream job but it is more the future generations that are the worrying factor. In 2009 a TV show, TARRANT Lets the Kids loose on Watch constructed a survey to analyse the difference in parents approach to careers and their ambitions in comparison to their children. As you will see aspirations have changed considerably.  For anyone aged 25 and over, the top five careers were as follows: number one was a teacher (15%), a Banker (9%), although over the last decade it can be understandable why this may have changed.  Medicine ranked 7% and Science and a Veterinarian both scoring (6%). In contrast todays pre-teens number one position was a sportsman (12%), pop star and actor at (11%) with astronaut and lawyer following (6%).

 Looking at the figures that came through for the preteens, it can’t help but make us wonder why so many aspire to this lifestyle? Examining the pop culture today what is the appeal? Yes, while it is known to all that money, travel and success accompany this lifestyle, yet is talent not a key aspect associated with this world? Observing the way in which our celebrity world has gone, it seems more obvious that the less talent you have, the more likely you are to become famous.

 Mtv, which began  initially as a channel to play and promote upcoming and new music, now hosts shows such as 16 and pregnant and Catfish;  demonstrating to young generations the severity of teen pregnancy and the dangers of internet sites….how is this entertaining? It has come to a point where watching others misfortune is our comical gain.  With the like of the Kardashians or the publication that the Hiltons receive, as far as talent goes it can leave us asking the question eh what exactly do you do? Yes you have famous fathers and you are unbelievably rich but how does this qualify as talent? Young teens see this and actually aspire to be like this, thus taking them further and further away from the realities that they will face in life.

  On the other scale we also see the extremity that these pop stars go to with drink and drugs. When Chris Brown was found guilty of assaulting his then girlfriend Rhianna in February, 2009 you would think that his fans would turn against this. Instead, it was later found that fans sympathised with the star and left comments such as ‘I don’t know why Rihanna complained. Chris Brown could beat me anytime he wanted to’ and ‘Chris Brown can punch me anytime he wants.’


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How can we admire and let the children of the future aspire to this? Has entertainment sank so low that our children see these people and this way of life there only goal. Maybe the world of celebrities needs a make-over, a chance to find people with real talent, true idols to look up to.




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