The Button Factory hosts Paul Woolford

Paul WoolfordToday, electronic music is currently at the forefront of the Irish music scene moreso than ever before. The fusion of House, Techno and Bass music and the multiple deriving genres means Dublin is continuously privileged with multiple notable DJ’s and producers weekly. November 21st, The Button Factory looks set to open its doors to welcome Paul Woolford. Woolford’s residency on Sundays at Space in Ibiza is always set to be an unforgettable night.

Woolford’s appellation has changed multiple times over the past decade, while venturing into different genres. The alias Special Request released the fourth installment of his vinyl-only series, which has received much acclaim from critics.  Woolford has always cited radio influential in his musical development, while expressing satisfaction at Boiler Rooms charge at the forefront of youth culture today. The introduction of pirate radio was a major step forward altering everything Woolford had known and offered an outlet of  illicit variety.


The inherent conservative outlook of certain audiences can inevitably influence some DJ’s standing out from the norm, which has the potential to make or break an artist. Woolford offers to enlighten a scenario which he has previously experienced during his illustrious career, “I think people collectively are more open-minded today than perhaps they have been in the past, certainly in terms of taking chances during a DJ set.Obviously if you choose this path it’s a tricky one to walk, and I’ve caused myself problems in the past when I have been a little cavalier, but ultimately you need to stand for something. We’re in an age where people make comments if you don’t have the same phone or sunglasses as everyone else – this in itself tells you that despite what we may think about attitudes on the surface, deep down many are terrified of not conforming.”


Erotic Discourse’ originally was released on white label in 2005 and ten years on acts like Boddika and Joy Orbison are introducing the track to a new audience, who previously may never have been exposed to Woolford’s majestically mastery of the decks. The Button Factory will once again entertain another star studded DJ in November.

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