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The Best of Azarbaijan

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1 Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, features as one the first tourist destination to visit. A late 19th century inner city with architectural structures from the Russian empire and a modern skyline complete the covered exterior of Baku. The medieval Icheri Sheher with the mysterious Median Tower forms its focal point. Highlights of the city include flame towers, Bake Boulevard cuddling the Caspian Sea and the shop of ping district along the Nizami Street. A wide range of hotels and suits of any budget are available for visitors.

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2 Anyone looking for a place to experience nature’s pristine landscapes, ancient mountain villages and wants to merge with ancient Caucasus culture should consider Quba. The cultural centre is located in the northeast around 170 kilometers from Baku tends to be include in the top places to visit Azarbaijan. Waterfalls and natural beauty landscapes are just few of the highlight of this place.

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3 Another hot spot for history explorer: Shamakhi showing a history of two and a half millennia and housing the earlier shriven empires capital. The crumbling Gulistan Fortress that dates backs almost a thousand year worth the 2 hour drive from Baku.The Shamakhi is historically a hotspot for carpet weaving and being the birth place of most of the Azeri poets.

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4 First time visitors may fall in love with the natural beauty of this place. Lake Goygol or ‘Blue Lake’ at 1,500 meters (4,921 feet) features deep blue water against dense forest in the Murovdag foothills. Formed after a 12th-century earthquake, the lake is often one of the most popular day trips from Ganja. Mountains driving should be savored too and not just for the landscapes. The region was the former house of the German community before falling victim to soviet deportation. A hint of their influence and inheritance lingers in w of the villages.

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