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The beauty of Northern Ireland: Belfast

Belfast is the largest city of Northern Ireland with over 300,000 populations. it is also the capital city of Northern Ireland. Belfast is the beautiful city with songs on behalf of it:  Call of the Search, Made in England, or Orbital`s Belfast are the songs that even though you have not yet seen Belfast, you may have listened to them before. Belfast was founded on the banks of the Lagan River and It consists of the combination of the words “beal”, which means mouth in Irish, and “feirste”, meaning the beach.

Credit: Skiappa Miki

Belfast is a great city to explore. The history of it dates back to Bronze Age. Especially after the activities such as shipbuilding and trade, Belfast has gained importance and was declared the capital of Northern Ireland after the Irish Independence War in 1912.

You can actually explore Belfast on foot. There are Donegall Square and City Hall in the city center. City Hall is the busiest area of the city. Donegall Place in Donegal Square is one of the largest shopping streets in the city. If you’re visiting Belfast then you absolutely must visit The Cathedral Quarter as it’s just amazing, have a look at these awesome things to do in Belfast’s The Cathedral Quarter as there are so many great things that you can do there.

Belfast is also a city of discoveries with its historic buildings, museums and street art. You never know what are you going to see when you walk around the streets of this beautiful city. If you want to know Irish and English culture, this city which has many surprises will also help you.

Credit: Nico Kaiser

Belfast is where the Titanic was built. The citizens of Belfast who turned this misfortune into a touristic tour, they organize boat tours the place where the ship is built. You can also visit the Titanic Belfast Museum in the city and you can see all the memories at the museum about the ship shipbuilding stages, the workers, until the departure of the ship.

Belfast is a small city in terms of area, but don`t you worry because every period of the city is moving and full of excitement. Festivals, entertainments, street artists you can see in the streets are some of them.

There is also a wall in the city called Peace Wall, known as living history. This wall, which was built to separate Catholics and Protestants, actually has a sad history of war. In this sense, the combination of the words “peace” and “wall” sounds strange. You will see the reflections of the war times as you walk in the back streets of the city.

In general terms, Belfast is definitely the city of worth seeing and feeling the atmosphere if you want to go to Northern Ireland.

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