The Art of Selfies

Did you ever feel like deleting  a friend on Facebook, unfollowing a person on Twitter all because they cant stop taking pictures of themselves? I was on the verge of doing this last week, I have given the offender another chance, but this has got me thinking about the popularity of selfies on social networking sites.
Selfies are pictures taken by people that are in the picture.They are seen as vain and most of the time utterly pointless. 
They have become another by-product of the “internet era” and have even allowed for websites to be completely dedicated to them. One such company is ,estimated to be worth over  $735 million (just over 560 million euro) and home to millions of images such as Starbucks coffee cups, various foods blurred on the edges and endless amounts of people reenacting Madonna’s  ‘Vogue’ video.
For all those of you  on Social networking sites, I am sure you will be familiar with one or all five of these “selfie” styles

1. The b3b0 stunnah (duck face and peace sign) selfie.

bebo stunnah
Associated with the iconic and sadly missed Bebo, when sharing the love  only 3 times a day and changing your top ten friends was cool, so was this self portrait style. Sadly, it has out lived bebo and can be found on a Facebook friend site near  you.

2.  The ‘All  made up going nowhere’ selfie

Unfortunately I am not in this beautiful image , but Mr. Lincoln here displays this type of selfie perfectly, in my opinion. He got a hair cut, stuck on his tux and dickie bow, took the black and white picture on his Iphone ,uploaded it onto Twitter and is now sitting down with a bag of Tayto, waiting for the Nine o’ clock news.

3. The ‘This is my bathroom, it has a mirror, Oh look theres me!’ Selfie

 these images are very common, they enable intruders to have a google map version of your house…..from the inside.


4.The ridiculous border selfie

cold outside
“Oh my god, this is hilarious. It’s snowing inside.”

5. Old school (index and thumb) selfie

The origins of this gesture are still not known, archaeologists believe it is even a pre Bebo style of selfie and is mostly associated with the teenage population, striving to be cool.  
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  1. Haha!! there are so many of these people facebook….got rid of them from my newsfeed the other day to avoid stress!!

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