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The Art Of Photo Editing: Portrait Retouching

Photo by slon_dot_pics from Pexels

The ability to make simplicity become extraordinary without loosing its effect.

The origin of photography can be traced back to the 5th century B.C.E. Then, in the 11th century, an Iraqi scientist invented the obscura camera, which gave birth to the art of photography.

Photography is being used to tell a  story  visually, either portrait, landscape, wildlife, fashion and many more.

Let’s talk about portraits:

Portrait photography is the art of capturing the subject’s unique personality in a snapshot. Although portraits entails far more than just simply taking pictures of an individual.

Portrait photography is an artistic method that combines art and technique to produce visually arresting images that capture human emotions and expressions.

A great portrait photography emerges as a result of combining the proper technique with an artist’s illustration. While it requires less time and energy than artwork, capturing the expressions of emotion that results to a good portrait photograph can take some time to master.

Taking photographs is unquestionably important, but proper editing and retouching in professional portrait photography is also important and should not be overlooked.

Some simple techniques can vastly improve the quality of your photographs. Traditionalists “people who resist change,” may regard editing as a bad thing, but programs like Photoshop has been made readily available to be used as a tool for enhancing images.

What makes photography special beyond the norm is the ability to use Photoshop with an aesthetically pleasing interface to bring a picture to life, from what the photographer sees behind the camera to what the photographer imagines.

Consider the following scenario: you take a headshot with a small portion of your back showing, and you want a clean finish and a smooth image; however, the back showing causes skin discomfort, but you want to create a magical experience. You have no choice but to use a tool that aids in the creation of a smooth finish, or you want to remove something out of the background. This is why a technology like Photoshop is being made available in order to ensure a smooth ride by making imperfection seem perfect.

The Image below portrays how photoshop can be used to redefine an Image.

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