The app that tells you who to bring under the covers

The new app will prevent inbreeding, and basically prevent Icelanders to jump into bed with a distant relative.

Iceland’s population is 320,000 and everyone is, ultimately, descended form the same family tree, and in many ways isolated. The chance to meet a distant relative is relatively large, which is why it has been made ​​a new app called Íslendingaapp, which will prevent you jump into bed with a relative, according to The Daily Mail. The new “genealogy app” uses data from a digital family tree named

‘Bump it’

The people behind the app obviously know how difficult it can be to type your stuff right onto your phone after a night on the town, and has therefore taken account of this – two people who have downloaded the app only need to “bump” their phones and then the app automatically uploads any genealogical relationships. The app designers told Digital Trends that the app’s motto is: ‘Bump in the app before you bump in the bed.’

See the video of the app below.

Click here to download the app, and click here to visit their Facebook page.

Incest alarm

The online Iselandingabok database had already been set up by anti-virus software developer Friðrik Skúlason. But now three designers from  Sad Engineer Studios have developed it to include an incest alarm. 

The three developers of the Book of Icelanders app (which is available on Android phones) are Arnar Freyr Aðalsteinsson, Hákon Þrastar Björnsson, and Alexeander Annas Helgason

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