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The #AllThingsConsidered Campaign

“At Christmas, we all seem to get involved in our own selves and our own family, that we seem to forget our neighbor sitting on their own”. -Kelvin Dundon

A view of the All Things Considered Christmas Café from the street. (picture by the Author)

People from all around Dublin came out to show support near the Dublin city centre, as SuperValu and ALONE teamed up to create awareness and raise funds to help people dealing with loneliness during this festive season.

As one of the largest groceries and food distributor in Ireland, SuperValu teamed up with ALONE, a national organisation that supports older people to age at home, to raise funds and create awareness for the people dealing with loneliness in Ireland.

SuperValu alongside ALONE, opened its special All Things Considered Christmas Café on 41 South William St, Dublin 2, from the 23rd of November until the 24th of November. “The Café is to get people to come along with a friend, who they have not seen a while and catch up with them over a cup of coffee/tea, a few festive treats and some Christmas favourites,” said Anne-Marie Fenton, the communication manager for SuperValu.

Ms Fenton also mentioned that the proceeds from the sales made from both days go to ALONE to help the organisation support as many lonely people as they can this Christmas. Supervalu will also be cooking meals and sending to the homes of these lonely people, through the Alone staffs, so that way, they have both food and a Befriender during Christmas.

The #AllThingsConsidered sign, as seen in the Café

Kevin Dundon, a brand ambassador for SuperValu said that the lonely could be anyone, people who have lost their partners or people whose children no longer stay in Ireland. He also stated, “At Christmas, we all seem to get involved in our own selves and our own family, that we seem to forget our neighbour sitting on their own”

Along with his team, Kevin recently launched the “All things considered” campaign. He said the reason they chose to work with ALONE is that ” The more we looked at ALONE, the more it made sense, because we are all about the kitchen table and how many people are around the kitchen table eating dinner”.

He believes people should share their Christmas dinner with people around them, because most of the time, people cook too much food and end up having to throw it away. Kevin says, instead of throwing the leftover away, why do people not just invite others into their house and make everybody happy.

Joan Kelly, who has been helped by ALONE stated that she has only been with them since January 2018. Although she had five daughters, she felt lonely because her children are all married and away from her. During the winter she felt depressed and rang up ALONE, which she heard from a lady who shared a room with her daughter in the hospital.

After reaching out to ALONE in December, by January they matched her up with her befriender, who comes in once a week. Joan said “my experience with them has been marvellous, my befriender has not missed a week and ALONE treats me so well.

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