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The AI Tutor: Benefits or Curse for student ?

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Communication and information access are undergoing a revolution thanks to ChatGPT and other large language models. However, what effect do they have on students? These artificial intelligence wonders provide a plethora of advantages, including immediate explanations, customised study schedules, and unending practice partners.

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Envision having a virtual tutor at your disposal round the clock, willing to respond to your inquiries and modify classes to suit your preferred method of learning. That sounds like the life of a student, don’t you think?


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♬ original sound – Celia | Ai + ChatGPT Tips

But there’s a catch to this convenience. ChatGPT cannot take the place of the critical thinking abilities developed from the study of difficult ideas. While it may produce essays that appear flawless, is the student really understanding the subject matter? Furthermore, an over dependence on AI tutors may impede the growth of autonomous learning and problem-solving skills. Consider never really understanding the details of a map and instead depending just on a GPS for navigation.

The perfect situation? a smooth fusion of AI and human guidance. Personalised learning routes and interesting activities can be made by educators using ChatGPT. Pupils can develop their critical thinking and autonomous learning skills while using it as a research tool and idea sounding board. Consider a scenario where a student uses ChatGPT to generate ideas for essays, does independent research, and then develops a distinctive thesis.


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♬ original sound – Celia | Ai + ChatGPT Tips

So, is ChatGPT beneficial to students or detrimental to them? Utilisation is the key to the solution. It can be an effective technique for improving learning when used appropriately. Academic progress may be impeded when utilised as a crutch.

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  1. I think AI is not of any benefits to the students it’s affects their thought process and their problem solving skills

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