The “Adidasgate” : how Adidas France received more than 200,000 orders in one night.

Adidas - Eric Molina (Flickr)
Adidas - Eric Molina (Flickr)
Adidas - Eric Molina (Flickr)
Adidas – Eric Molina (Flickr)

Social media are great for at least one thing: everything is spread very rapidly. And that is exactly what happened in the night of Saturday to Sunday. During this night, a very advantageous discount code were displayed on Twitter and Facebook among others. Indeed, between 200,000 and 300,000 orders were placed in only a few hours on the French website of Adidas.

The reason: a discount code of €60 with no minimum purchase, released by the famous website So yes, during a night it was actually possible to buy an Adidas T-shirts for nothing, or new shoes for €10.

It seems to be because of a bug that a single use discount code ended usable by thousands of people. Therefore more between 200,000 and 300,000 orders have been place between 10pm and 5am Saturday night. Of course, this made of #Adidas one of the French trending hashtags of the week-end.

Everyone who ordered at the time, received a confirmation e-mail (from the real Adidas e-mail; which actually contain a typing fault!) and some of them were even debited the amount. Hacking, marketing buzz or simple bug, the speculation were on during the whole night on all the social media.

For now, no official communication have been made about this issue, but it seems like none of these orders would be sent. Some of the people have even already been reimbursed for their purchased.

Even if this would have been an awesome buzz to actually send all the orders, a quick calculation can easily helps us to understand why it won’t: €60 by 200,000 orders, is probably a bit too much discount for Adidas.

“Uncontrolled €60 discount code  -> Adidas’s website cancel more than 200,000 orders. Bad buzz and AdidasGate”

“Cancellation of the orders of Adidas with no upstream communication. Hello Bad buzz.”

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