The Aces Concert Review

The Aces – The Soundhouse, Dublin: 17th November 2018.

Photo by: Ashley Callery

The Aces are an American alternative all-female band from Provo, Utah. The band comprises of four members: guitarist Katie Henderson, bassist McKenna Petty, and sisters drummer Alisa Ramirez and lead vocalist and guitarist Cristal Ramirez.

Photos by: Ashley Callery.

The Aces are a soft rock, chill and groovy band. They’re pretty much an ’80s pop classic rock undertones band revolutionised, they will most likely remind you of HAIM, their songs are also reminiscent to Paramore too. I think its the mix of modern pop and old retro vibes that gives this band a very sui generis touch. For me, they share the same kind of beats and laid back chill yet funky style of music. The Aces have grown a huge fanbase after they supported 5 Seconds of Summer this year, now they’ve taken their own tour across Europe with an even bigger fanbase.

Photo by: Ashley Callery

The lead singer, Cristal Ramirez, has a remarkable and electrifying stage presence, with strong vocals and guitar playing – she had a very intimate and heartfelt touch towards the audience for each and every performance throughout the night. The buoyant guitar notes and punchy drum beats in the back gave the band an overall great sound.  They flowed really well on stage and as musicians, but that’s no surprise as they have been making music together for 10 years now.

I knew they would be good but they honestly surpassed my expectations. My favourite performance had to be  ‘When My Heart Felt Volcanic’ this song will be their next hit!

The songs on the night were just as upbeat and catchy as I remembered, they gave off a high energy performance with iconic guitar riffs and drumbeats. It’s no surprise they’re selling out the majority of the dates on their tour.  If you’re looking for a new band to follow, this Utah quartet should be the next band to listen to because they’re just going to keep getting bigger and better.