The 100 Happy Days Challenge – Could you be happy for 100 days?

Examples of #100happyday, Photo Credit, Victoire_za (Flickr)

If you had one wish what would it be? For many people that wish is simply to be happy. However modern life and the increasingly fast paced, stressful environment most of us inhabit mean it is difficult to take time out to appreciate the good things in our life.  Despite the lack of attention we often dedicate to appreciate what makes us happy, our levels of happiness are crucial, affecting relationships, stress levels, and also our health.  This is where the 100 days of happiness challenge steps in.

The latest social media craze, the challenge encourages participants to take a picture of something that has made them happier that day every day for 100 days in an effort to be more mindful. You then share your photo each day on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the #100HappyDays. You can also email your daily photo or share with just a few friends.

Examples of #100happyday, Photo Credit, Victoire_za (Flickr)
Examples of #100HappyDays, Photo Credit, Victoire_za (Flickr)

These photos are not meant to act as a means of showing off, which goes against the ethos of the challenge. Rather they should be any moment that brought happiness to your life whether it was an amazing burger you had, the view on your way to work, or just spending times with friends.

Examples of #100HappyDays, Photo Credit, Victoire_za (Flickr)
Examples of #100HappyDays, Photo Credit, Victoire_za (Flickr)

The movement’s website explains the positive effect that taking some time out in your day to find happiness has many positive benefits for participants including: noticing what makes them happy every day; Being in a better mood every day; Receiving more compliments from other people; Realising how lucky they are to have the life they have and becoming more optimistic.

However despite the benefits, according to the website 71% of people, who have tried to complete this challenge failed, quoting lack of time as the main reason.  This shows how today many people are not choosing to dedicate any time to their personal happiness, despite the negative consequences this can have.

For those who successfully complete the challenge, you can receive a little 100 page book with your collected 100 happy moments to remind you about the beauty of your life.  I plan to take the 100 happy days challenge starting this week and will be sharing my happy moments on Twitter using the #100happydays. You can follow my progress on Twitter at @BlathinDePaor.  Will you be taking on the 100 Days of Happiness challenge?






  1. Easy to see why people have failed. But that’s the beauty of it for those that don’t fail – the sense of follow-through. I’m on day 11, really enjoying it and can’t wait see the end result. I expect to seem much more of these types of campaign being implemented from now on.

    • Definately, I think the hardest thing is remembering to do it every single day! Here’s hoping we get to the end! 🙂

    • Definitely do! It’s great, I think the hardest thing is remembering to do it every day to begin with! So some people find it useful to set a reminder, let us know how you get on!

  2. It’s really good, but it is hard to remember to do it everyday to begin with which is why so many people don’t complete it I think! Definitely worth persevering with though, you should give it a go!

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