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The 10 Best Twitter Follows You Could Give While in Football Abstinence

Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash

Yes, we all miss football way too much.

Yes, we are craving for any content at this point, really.

Yes, watching funny football-related videos on 433’s Instagram and reading @ASRomaEn admin tweets helps.

But what about those who want to get away from the conventional comedy that they would be seeing anyway regardless of the lockdown? Those who want to get away from the big players? From the controversial ex-ballers-now-pundits?

Is there space for those who seek quality lowbrow content on the internet? For those who want a different point of view that is actually interesting?

The answer is yes, and yes.

Let’s take a dip into the mostly unknown part of that Twitter Ocean, and hide at least a bit of that football abstinence. Seriously, mate, the kids are starting to get worried.



Starting with the very best accounts to follow first: the alternative football content creators that produce much better material than probably 80% of the mainstream media out there.

Mundial is a must follow. They cover a wide range of content related to football, but not focusing exclusively on what happens today. Mundial loves a bit of football nostalgia and their tone when writing about whatever Maradona did back in the 80s makes them look like you are talking to a friend in a pub! What else could you want more than that right now?

Okay, maybe you already know Copa90, if you do, then you’ll agree that they deserve much more attention than what they have right now. Copa90 covers basically absolutely everything that happens in the football world, from the glamour of the Champions League to that Sunday League feeling of the Thai Superleague. Always interacting with the most important part of the game: the fans.

Probably the most serious account that will be mentioned in this post, Tifo Football has produced top-notch content non-stop for almost a decade now. Better known for their YouTube channel, their Twitter account deserves a follow too. Now working as part of The Athletic, Tifo continues to talk about tactics, economy, politics, and football like no one else.

The man of the numbers. Alexis Martín-Tamayo, better known as Mister Chip, is a Spanish journalist who is a specialist in statistical data in football. You can follow him on the English version of his account, but he is much more active on his original @2010MisterChip one in Spanish. If you want to know how many times football was cancelled due to a pandemic, or how many appearances goalkeeper Jesús Corona has for the Mexican national team, Mr Chip is the man to follow.

8bit-Football is simply the most amazing football art available out there. I mean, it’s football made in pixels! From portraits of iconic and actual players to small videos of memorable goals and moments, 8bit-Football has it all.



Let’s be honest now, we don’t really care if Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are probably the best players ever. For us, the best will always be that player that marked our memories during our childhood and teenage years. Football nostalgia plays a big role in the game. People want to relive the best memories of their lives again and again or simulate being present in the best moment of their team when they were not even born yet to see. So here are some accounts that will help you in achieving that feeling.

British couple Alex and Sian Pratchett started to draw “badly-drawn” Panini-like stickers during the 2014 World Cup when they challenged themselves in trying to finish the album only using their drawings. Since then, they have made over 6,000 bad drawings, most of them of old squads.

No need for big explanations here. Classic Goals delivers what promises: brilliant, beautiful, refined, classy goals. The only suggestions they could follow would be posting more goals from different football centres and not focusing so much in Europe. Other than that, it is a must follow.

Okay, Classic Football Shirts is the new place where you are going to spend all your extra money. Well, better saying, the new place that you will spend all your extra money after the lockdown is over. From old ultra-rare clean designed shirts to that ugly rag full of sponsors your team released four years ago, Classic Football Shirts is football nostalgia fans heaven. And their Twitter account is as good as their collection.

Sometimes we need something to push our perspective back to reality. In our ideal dream world of the past, we forget how much the game has actually evolved. Luckily, we have Crap 90s Football to remind us of the most glorious moments of the past.

Not so much of nostalgia like the others in this list, but it’s safe to say that mascots are something that should have stayed in the past together with the 4-2-4 formation. Mascots Minute Silence offer the irrefutable proof of that.

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