Ten Ways To Style Your T-Shirt and Jeans

Picture Credit: Kayture & Riches for Rags

If there are two things to be found in EVERY woman’s wardrobe, it’s a t-shirt and jeans. If for whatever ridiculous reason you don’t own a t-shirt or jeans – get your s**t together.

The two basics are wardrobe staples at its finest and this can proven by their versatility alone.

Here, I have pulled together ten looks to show you some of the many ways you can style the basic ensemble.

The Basics

Picture Credit: Kayture & Riches for Rags

Firstly, try dressing up your tee and jeans with some heels and a great coat. All of the basics pulled together make for an effortless look that will stand the test of time.

Dressed Down

Picture Credit: Pinterest

Go for a more casual look with relaxed boyfriend jeans and some fancy ballet flats, I love how the girl on the left dressed up her look with a pop of colour and a statement necklace.

Somewhere In Between

Picture Credit: Make Life Easier

It’s not too dressy, but not too casual – it’s the Goldilocks of looks you might say. Add some booties and a jacket to stay fab on the colder days.

Cool Girl Chic

Picture Credit: Pinterest & New England.

Take a leaf out of these girl’s books and opt for brogues. This way you can wear the look but still put your unique stamp on the outfit.

What Would OP Do?

Picture Credit: Olivia Palermo & Pinterest.

Technically the look to the left is not a tee, but it was just too good to pass up. Style icon Olivia Palermo proving perfectly how to rock the look from day to night. This girl can do no wrong.

This article also appeared in RSVP Magazine, of which Megan is also a contributor.

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