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Ten Nigerian slang words or lingo that we need to utilize in English.

Photo by uncoveredlens from Pexels

Nigeria is a country of many languages. We have over 520 languages including dialects. While English is identified as the first language due to the impact of  British colonial rule, there are various other derivatives of it including broken English or dialect. Below is a list of a few slangs and their meanings.

Amebo : This  slang  is used to refer to an individual  that likes to gossip or one who likes to spread gossip . For example “she too like amebo” ,this simply means she gossips a lot .

Ajebutter: In Nigeria ,this pidgin slang is used to refer to someone that is well off or rich . The shortened version is “butter”.

Fall my hand: This pidgin word refers to when someone is disappointed by an individual or situation . Example of its usage is “na so them fall my hand for there “ . This means that is how I was disappointed in there .

Gbosa :This Nigerian slang has two meanings . The first one means to punch or slap. It also refers to the sound produced when someone or an object is being punched . For example “I go give you gbosa for head “. This means I would punch/slap you in the  head .

Jack: For those wondering If it is referring to the English name ‘Jack’ , you guessed wrong. It means studying and revising thoroughly . “I dey go jack for my exam” means I am going to study for my exam .

I wan Chop or I dey H :  This is totally different from the English word “Chop” which means to slice or hack something.  It means I want to eat, I am hungry or starving. For example ,”I wan chop rice “. I want to eat rice.

Abi?: This Nigerian term means Right? or Isn’t it ?

Na so/Na so? This means you agree with a statement  or is that so?

No be so :This means It is not so .

Abeg: This mean please . For instance,’Abeg come chop food’ . It means “Please come and join me to eat”.

Youtube Video Credit:Anase Ojiah

This youtube video discusses pidgin slang words used by Nigerians. First B roll credit: Video by Alfris Edwards from Pexels . Second B roll video credit : Video by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

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